Drive officially ranked Ryan Gosling's best film 9 months ago

Drive officially ranked Ryan Gosling's best film

What about The Big Short?

Film fans have named Drive their favourite Ryan Gosling film, ahead of blockbusters such as The Notebook, La La Land and Crazy, Stupid, Love.


The neo-noir, atmospheric, and occasionally incredibly violent action drama Drive currently sits atop of Ranker's list of Gosling films, ahead of 2006 film Half Nelson in second place.

In third place, it's Moonlight. Oh wait, no, it's La La Land.

Then in fourth it's the tear jerking classic, The Notebook, followed closely by the star-studded rom-com, Crazy, Stupid, Love.


Meanwhile, right at the bottom of the Canadian heartthrobs' cinematic appearances are The United States of Leland, Weightless and I'm Still Here: Real Diaries of Young People Who Lived During the Holocaust.

If you ask us, the real travesty of this list is that Director Adam McKay's housing market drama The Big Short only just makes the top 10 - but let's not get into that debate.

Ranker uses votes and re-rankings from users to work out its list and says that it looks at four primary factors to decide an item's ranking on a list: the number of up-votes, the ratio of up-votes to down-votes, how often it's ranked and where it's ranked.

This explains what appear to be anomalies in the Gosling list, such as Half Nelson getting more upvotes and less down votes than Drive but Drive still coming out on top.


This is because re-ranks of entire lists carry more weight than simple votes on an item in a list

Ranker ensures users: "When you look at a list and feel that an item’s ranking doesn’t seem to make sense based on the vote counts, it could be because of the impact that re-ranks have on rankings.

"Yeah, it’s complicated, but trust us: we’ve done a lot of testing and data-science wonkery over the years to tweak how we weight results, and we're confident that a list on Ranker is about as accurate a picture of voter behavior as anyone can get."

So there you have it - the greatest Gosling film is Drive. The question is, has he got one in him that can take the crown?


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