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18th Aug 2016

Dream job alert! Pottermore site is looking for writers who are expert in all things ‘Harry Potter’

Form an orderly queue...

Rebecca Keane

Do you think you’d be up for it?

Of all the wishes I had as a child, being in the world of Harry Potter was definitely the one I wanted the most.

From the magical world of the Harry Potter books to the incredible films, there wasn’t one element of the wizarding saga that I didn’t love with every fibre of my being.

While we do have the Harry Potter studios to explore in both the UK and the US, there’s still a lot to be said for working behind the scenes of the Potter world.

harry potter

It comes as great news, then, that Pottermore, the news and fan site dedicated to the untold tales of Harry Potter and Co, is hiring writers.

pardyvia Giphy

Writers looking to apply for the more than enviable job (which is based in London) must have:

  • An eye for a good story
  • A passion for in-depth analysis and research
  • Strong working knowledge of the Harry Potter stories

Wannabe Pottermore writers are advised to send pitches and samples of their work to the editor, Krystal Sim.


If you’re humming the Harry Potter theme tune as you read this, you can get more information about possibly the best job in the world here.