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05th Apr 2017

A new documentary on the life of Heath Ledger looks incredibly emotional

Conor Heneghan

An emotional reflection of a life gone way too soon.

Plot’s it all about? It’s hard to believe that next year, it will be ten years since Australian actor Heath Ledger passed away at the age of 28.

Although he had an impressive body of work behind him and had just delivered a career-defining performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight (for which he was posthumously awarded a Best Supporting Actor Oscar), Ledger looked like he had his best days ahead of him.

As well as revisiting some of his most famous roles, an upcoming documentary about Ledger, which includes testimonies from his family, friends and colleagues, reveals a desire to be a director that he had harboured since childhood.

It also gives an insight into Ledger’s home life with some never before seen footage, with a smile ever present on his face throughout.

Irish and UK release date: Part of the ‘I Am’ documentary series, I Am Heath Ledger premieres on Spike on May 17.

Clip via SPIKE