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13th Dec 2017

Do you know all the words to Hey Jude?

It's a classic

Darragh Murphy

We’ll give you a hint… the first two words are “Hey Jude.”

Released in August 1968, Hey Jude went on to become one of the biggest hits for a little-known rock band from Liverpool by the name of The Beatles.

It was the first single released by Apple Records and has since become a mainstay at sing-songs the world over.

Paul McCartney initially wrote it to offer some comforting words to John Lennon’s son Julian when his parents were splitting up and there’s no denying that it will go down as one of the nation’s greatest ever tunes.

What we want from you is every lyric in the song and, because it is a tad repetitive at the end, we’re giving you just three minutes to get it.

If the quiz doesn’t display for you, click here.