DJ Khaled just shared his top tips for bossing Snapchat 6 years ago

DJ Khaled just shared his top tips for bossing Snapchat

Nobody uses Snapchat better than DJ Khaled. Nobody.

The rapper, DJ and producer is one of the leading lights on Snapchat with his daily uplifting posts.


Be he getting breakfast (shout out to Chef Dee with the egg whites), at the gym, watering his plants (LION!), or making something in the studio, Khaled's Snapchat story is always worth checking out -  add him now djkhaled305.

Who could forget the time he got lost at sea on a jet ski and snapped the entire thing?


There's a reason the Snapchat king has over 4 million followers on the app. But in an interview with the MailOnline, Khaled reveals that his Snapchat success all came naturally.

"With any social media - and anything even outside of social media - I think the key is to just be yourself and also to put a good message out there.

Positive energy, something that's going to motivate people, but also motivate yourself."

He even gave Mail readers a handy list for bossing Snapchat stories:

  1. Don't try to be someone you are not, just be yourself
  2. Send out positive messages to motivate others and yourself
  3. Show people what you do in every day life - share your life with them
  4. There are no limits - shoot what you want to shoot and don't worry about content or frequency
  5.  Keep your Snapchat focused on 'love' rather than negative energy and ignore the haters - don't let 'they' tell you how great you can be
  6. You don't need to come up with catchphrases - just stick with the language you use every day and your own 'type of talk' will catch on

DJ Khaled's Snapchat is so on point, he's even named his new album off one of his Snapchat catchphrases - Major Key. Much like the man's Snapchat himself, it's got all his top celeb mates like Jay Z, Future and Nicki Minaj pitching in and is a certified winner.

Cheers for being one of the good guys Khaled.