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12th Mar 2018

Director of new Tomb Raider explains why his video-game movie will be different

Rory Cashin

Has he fixed the curse of great video-games becoming bad movies?

First things first: have you listened to our Irish site’s interview with the new Lara Croft yet?

We sat down with Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander to discuss everything from grunts to stunts in the lead up to the release of Tomb Raider.

If you have missed it, you can check it out in the clip below from the latest episode of and Her’s movie podcast The Big Reviewski, with the interview playing out from 23:55 to 29:15…

All caught up?


Because we were also lucky enough to sit down with the movie’s director Roar Uthaug, and chat about his big blockbuster-y influences, how nervous he might have gotten consider Alicia Vikander wanted to do as many of her own stunts as possible, and what he reckons his new version of Tomb Raider possesses that the previous movies-based-on-video-games (which, let’s face it, have been mostly terrible) didn’t.

Tomb Raider is hitting cinemas with special preview screenings from Wednesday 14 March, and will go on general release from Friday 16 March.

In case you missed it, here is the full trailer for the movie:

Clip via Warner Bros. Pictures