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09th Feb 2018

People were absolutely sickened at the end of Derry Girls last night

The season finale left A LOT of people in tears

Alan Loughnane

Proof that all good things must come to an end, for a little while anyway…

It’s fair to say that the first season of Derry Girls has been a huge success, and the fact that it’s already been commissioned for a second season shows just how popular the show is.

The final episode of the first season of Derry Girls aired at 10pm on Channel 4 on Thursday night, and it’s safe to say that a lot of people were not OK with it ending.

That closing scene of the series will live on long in the memory with The Cranberries playing in the background.

Elsewhere, two of the Derry Girls, Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Nicola Coughlan have elaborated on one of best gags from the most recent episode, the punt purse. After watching this, we’re very tempted to go and get a cream horn.


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