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18th Aug 2018

Derry Girls is reportedly going to get even more seasons

Paul Moore

Season 2 starts filming soon and we’re set for even more

After Derry Girls became Channel 4’s biggest new comedy for nearly five years, premiering with viewing figures of 2.79 million, a second season seemed as inevitable as Michelle taking the mickey out of James.

Well, with Season 2 set to start filming in October, it appears that Erin, Clare, Michelle, Orla and James are here to stay because Broadcast are reporting that Channel 4 are in “advanced talks” with Hat Trick Productions to make a third season of Lisa McGee’s hit show.

Ahead of her role in Lisa McGee’s play, Girls and Dolls, we got a chance to chat with Jamie-Lee O’Donnell (Michelle in Derry Girls) and she filled us in on the status of Season 2.

“We haven’t got the scripts yet and it’s killing all of us! We’re starting to make things up and guess what’s going to happen. We’ve got a group chat and because we don’t know, we’re all like ‘maybe this will happen.’ We can’ help ourselves, we need to calm down,” she said.

We also asked her about the possibility of stretching the amount of episodes per season – the first season of Derry Girls had six episodes – but the demand is clearly there for more episodes.

With Derry Girls, because it’s so quick and the jokes just arrive one after another, a half an hour is the perfect time. I know people would like an hour but with the quickness of the jokes, I think half an hour is the ideal time. With regards to more episodes per season, I think that’s more up to Channel 4.”

Well, it’s clear that the studio are massive fans of the show so we’d love to see more episodes per season. Catch yourself on, Channel 4. Make it happen.