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06th Mar 2019

Derry Girls fans are absolutely buzzing with the Protestant vs Catholic gags in the Season 2 opener

Paul Moore

“Protestants keep toasters in cupboards”

We knew it was good, those that already saw it said it was good, the cast were confident that it would be good.

Guess what? It wasn’t good, it was bloody great because Derry Girls is back with a bang!

After what felt like an eternity without Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle, James, Sister Michael, and the rest of the beloved cast, Lisa McGee’s wonderful comedy picked up right where it left off, by making us laugh.

In terms of the opening scene, we got a wonderful throwback to Season 1 and a reminder that Orla has zero interest in other people’s personal space.

Whether it’s Ma Mary obsessing about the bowl, the fact that Protestants got ‘all the land, jobs, and rights,’ or the girls trying to make an instant romantic impression by offering the lads an Ulster Bank keyring and some Rolos, the episode was brimming with one liners and gags.

All this without mentioning the fact that Protestants hate Abba, Orla terrifying that poor fella with her tales of wolves and a hunting knife, or Clare dangling off a cliff while shouting “he’s a Fenian-hating mad man!”

Aside from this, we also got the returns of Father Peter and the world’s angriest shopkeeper, Dennis.

We’re also delighted to see that the girls are still as clueless as ever – no better seen in that great scene when the gang try to chat about the similarities and differences between Catholics and Protestants.

All things considered, it’s great to have Derry Girls back.

Even Sister Michael would crack a smile at that news!