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14th Jun 2019

DC release first trailer for Batman spinoff series about Alfred Pennyworth

Kyle Picknell

Or Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth, in full

The trailer for the new Batman spinoff about Bruce Wayne’s butler/manservant/possible secret masseuse, Pennyworth, is here.

And it is trying very, very hard to be British. Here are a couple of lines:

“If everything goes pear-shaped, I’ll do my best to keep you alive.”


“As a rule, if you have to use French words for something, I don’t like it.”


“I don’t like violence… and I don’t like you, mate.”

… Yeah. Have a watch though! It’s probably not as bad as those lines make it sound!

The new series is coming to Epix in the US on July 28 and stars Jack Bannon as the former SAS soldier who becomes employed by the Wayne Family.

Ben Aldridge will play the billionaire Thomas Wayne, father of ‘Master Bruce’, whilst singer Paloma Faith and Lock, Stock and Snatch actor Jason Flemyng star as the central villains of the story.