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17th Jan 2018

David Walliams makes shocking comment about child’s dead pet on Britain’s Got Talent

James Dawson

It occurred during film of the show in Blackpool and the audience was left stunned.

Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams left an audience shocked after making a bizarre comment about a child magician’s deceased pet.

The Sun reports that Brook Exley, who is aged just 12, told the judges that the rabbit he used for his magic tricks had recently died after taking to the stage.

“His name was Albert, we don’t have him anymore, he died,” Brook said.

However David insensitively replied: “Don’t worry, he’s dog food now.”

David was then apparently told to watch his mouth by producers due to the number of young people in the audience.

An audience member told the Sun: “David was back to full form on the first day of auditions.

“The first audition, which was a tribute rock band, saw him grinding on the back on Simon’s chair.

“But things escalated during Brook’s audition as he made the surprising comment about his dead rabbit and then swore while giving his verdict.

“We saw a producer run up to him and tell him to be careful given there were plenty of families in the audience and young kids.”