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19th Apr 2018

David Platt’s rape storyline is about to take an unexpected turn

Jade Hayden

Coronation Street‘s male rape storyline is about to take an unexpected yet welcome turn.

David, who was sexually assaulted recently by Josh, has been struggling to cope with the trauma associated with his attack.

Since then, he has considered self harm, tried to assert his masculinity by having sex with a 19-year-old, and shied away from many of his relationships.

One of the relationships in particular that David struggled with in the aftermath of his attack was his one with now ex-girlfriend Shona.

She was complaining that David was being distant and so he unceremoniously ended things between them.

However, Jack Shepherd (who plays David) has said that Shona is going to be a key player in seeking justice for David following the assault.

Corrie releases first look at David Platt sexual assault storyline

He told Radio Times:

“What I can say is that the story does continue right through the summer and we will show the effects on both David and those around him once they do find out.

“Shona will be particularly determined to get justice.”

However, Shepherd also recognises that David has avoided telling the police for a long time and that this may affect what can be done legally.

“David has left it so long to say something that this might have an impact on whether a prosecution is possible.

“Plus he got rid of the clothes he was wearing.”

This storyline is set to kick off later this summer.