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09th Feb 2023

David Guetta uses AI to perfectly replicate Eminem’s voice for a song

Stephen Porzio

While many listeners were impressed with the recreation, some expressed concern about the technology

David Guetta has gone viral after revealing that he used artificial intelligence to recreate the voice of Eminem for a song.

In a Twitter post, the French DJ shared a clip from one of his sets with the caption: “Let me introduce you to… Emin-AI-em.”

The video sees Guetta hyping up the crowd with a track featuring a voice that sounds remarkably like Eminem, which booms: “This is the future rave sound / I’m getting awesome and underground.”

Later in the clip, the DJ explains that not only the voice of Eminem was replicated through AI for the song, but also his style of lyrics.

Guetta says: “Eminem bro, there’s something that I made as a joke and it works so good. I could not believe it.

“I discovered those websites that are about AI.

“Basically you can write lyrics in the style of any artist you like, so I typed: ‘Write a verse in the style of Eminem about future rave,’ and I went to another AI website that can recreate the voice.

“I put the text in that and I played the record and people went nuts.”

In a follow-up post, Guetta confirmed this use of AI was intended for just his live show, stating: “Obviously, I won’t release this commercially.”

Many commenters on the ‘When Love Takes Over’ producer’s post praised the track and were impressed with how well the technology could replicate Eminem’s voice.

However, some expressed concern as to how AI could affect artists and the music industry going forward.

At the time of writing, Eminem has not responded to Guetta’s post.

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