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29th Jul 2018

Danny Dyer finally meets Jack in tonight’s episode of Love Island

"It would be lovely if her and Jack would walk down the aisle but who knows, let’s meet the f****** geezer first."

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Well, kind of

So, tonight is the night the Love Island contestants meet each other’s parents.

Oh, this will be good.

And Danny Dyer will be making an appearance, albeit from a computer screen.

Listen, he’s a busy bloke, so only had time for a quick Skype chat with his daughter and her new man.

We’ll have to wait and see what goes on this evening, but Danny’s most recent interview gives some bits away.

danny dyer

In a recent interview, the Eastenders and Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men OG talked about how proud he is of his daughter.

He spoke of the relief he felt knowing that Dani didn’t have “sex on the telly.”

“She has spun it on its head and she has not fuc*ed about under the quilts once.”

“She is a role model for young kids. She doesn’t need to do that.”

Dani, who is an aspiring actress, is the favourite to win the show on Monday, alongside Jack Fincham.

danny dyer

Dyer also went on to talk about fame, and how difficult it can be:

“Dani knows what fame is like. She’s gone through it with me from a very young age. The ups-and-downs of being famous. It can be rewarding and it can be intoxicating but it can also be very dark and very lonely.”

“She has seen me go through it. Me and Jo had her when we were 18 so she has been there through some really difficult times.”

“I had no money, still living in a council estate, that sort of stuff. Me and Jo split, then I came back into her life. She hasn’t had it easy.”

“Dani is going to get mobbed when she gets out of there. It’s going to be trying for her. But she has learnt from us and our mistakes. I do try to sit her down and reason with her and say the kinder option is always the option you should take.”

“Always be kind at all costs if you can. It’s great to see that she has taken it on. She has always been there for me. We have a very, very close bond.”

You know what else he talked about? How he needs to meet the geezer before he lets him marry his daughter, in typical Danny Dyer fashion.

“It would be lovely if her and Jack would walk down the aisle but who knows, let’s meet the f****** geezer first. Dani is so sweet and lovely, honest and funny.”

I’ll just leave that here for now…