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19th Jun 2016

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ will be back sooner than we expected

"Ready to get the band back together"

Tony Cuddihy

Pretty… pretty… pretty good news to get on a Sunday morning.

The ninth series of Curb Your Enthusiasm will be out sooner than we expected, with producer Jeff Schaffer confirming that it “won’t be long” until the world’s crankiest man is back on our screens.

Schaffer has confirmed in an interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ that Larry David has been carrying around a notebook and jotting ideas down for more Curb Your Enthusiasm for a long time, and they’re “ready to get the band back together.”

“You go out into the world and people act horribly and you write the ideas down. And it’s always just been a question of, where are these ideas going?” Schaffer said.

“Larry had a ton of other opportunities to do lots of amazingly interesting things, but as we were talking about it, nothing seemed as fun as getting the band back together. And treating these ideas that are Curb ideas as a season of Curb.”

Schaffer and David have already started working on the new series.

“We’re working,” he says. “We’ve gone from the theoretical to the practical and that’s a big step.”

Schaffer also confirmed that they’re planning to write the usual 10 episodes, although he would not say anything about plot.

“Every season we get to nine and we go, ‘Maybe we’ll just do nine this year.’ But then the 10th one comes out and it’s usually one of our favourites. ‘Palestinian Chicken’ was the last one we wrote last season,” he said.

“The danger is this: Now, Larry’s going to go, ‘Why did you say this?! Now we have to do 10!’ I’ve actually just doomed us. Now I feel terrible.”

As for when the show would hit screens?

“It won’t be long. It won’t be long. Geologically speaking, it’ll be a blink of an eye,” he says. “Whether the next season ofCurb came out one year later, three years later, five years later, 20 years later — detailing the petty behaviour of the selfish and the self-serving is an evergreen business.”