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06th Aug 2017

Fancy working on The Crystal Maze? They’re looking for staff

Stop what you're doing. This is more important.

Rory Cashin

Stop what you’re doing. Stop you’re entire life as you know it and are currently living it. This is more important.

The hit 90’s show and then one-off special in 2016 and now fully returning this year has been nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, and with nostalgia only capable of looking back about 20 years now, The Crystal Maze is at the peak of it’s own comeback.

Off the back of that, two real-life Crystal Mazes have been set up in the UK, and they are both looking for staff.

Kind of like the Adventure Room / Escape Room things that have popped up everywhere and proved to be insanely popular, except this one ends in a massive glass room and you trying to collect a specific colour ticket in the middle of a wind turbine.


So if you’re CV is filled with any of the following…

  • Adept at locking strangers into rooms
  • Being very sarcastic when they fail random tasks
  • Possessing a questionable level of sanity
  • Having an odd love/hate relationship with your grandmother
  • A huge knowledge of all things Crystal Maze

… then this might just be the job for you.

Both the London and Manchester branches are looking for folk, including the position of the highly coveted Maze Master, and full details on all the available jobs are right here.

Good luck, and start the fans, please!