Corrie fans staggered by character's strange transformation 1 year ago

Corrie fans staggered by character's strange transformation

How long has that man been in prison?

A while back, Coronation Street's Robert was sentenced to time in jail for getting in a scrap with Rich Collins.

He went off to prison, a few people were a little sad, and everything was fine.

That was, until, last night when Robert's girlfriend, Michelle, showed up to pay him a visit and Rob's new do was revealed to the world.

... Leaving fans more than a little confused due to the fact that his previously dark hair had literally turned silver in the space of approximately 1.5 months.

A bit of a dramatic change, no?

Twitter certainly thought so, anyway.

Robert, played by Tristan Gemmill, wasn't too happy to be hanging around the prison either.

And it doesn't appear to be entirely because he's gone grey... though that could very well be a part of it.

During the scene, he asked Michelle, played by Kim Marsh, what he's been missing back home.

Michelle says: "Not much."

It's a whirlwind of a conversation, worthy of an Emmy or two at least.