Corrie fans are reeling after Chesney's shock move 9 months ago

Corrie fans are reeling after Chesney's shock move

We weren't expecting this.

Coronation Street fans are up to speed with the love triangle that is Chesney Brown, Sinead Tinker and Daniel Osbourne but no one predicted the outcome of Friday's episode.

As regular viewers will know, Chesney and Sinead were due to get married during the episode, but Chesney backed out last-minute saying that they weren't ready to tie the knot.

He apologised and said he was thinking of their son Joseph, but it was clear that his wife-to-be was gobsmacked at his surprise change of heart.

People watching at home were too, judging by the tweets shared after Chesney let Sinead down with a bang.


After they got over the shock, most fans were happy with the outcome of the show, saying that the couple just weren't right for each other.

Were you watching, what did you think of Chesney's shock change of heart?