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14th May 2019

Correction: Jaime’s hand did not reappear in last night’s Game of Thrones

Wayne Farry

game of thrones

Another episode, what we thought was another mistake

At this point we are giving you one big bad spoiler alert. Don’t go past this sentence if you’ve not watched season eight, episode five of Game of Thrones.

game of thrones spoilers

Game of Thrones is a very good show despite its flaws, but the latest and final season has been a test for viewers.

A number of errors and weird choices made by the writers and show runners have pushed fans’ suspension of disbelief to extreme limits.

The most famous error and potentially the moment this season will become best remembered for is the stray Starbucks cup that was left on a table during a scene in Winterfell after the fight against the White Walkers.

That cup, and the obvious carelessness that meant it remained in the scene after editing was complete, is something of a simple for how this season has materialised, but after episode five of season eight, named ‘The Bells’, we thought on Monday night that it may have some competition.

But, it didn’t.

As you can see below, Jaime’s hand appears to be alive and well in the scene where he hugs Cersei in King’s Landing. However, this image actually only appeared in promotional material for this week’s episode, rather than the episode itself.

As you can see from the screenshots below, Jaime’s hand is absolutely gone in the scene at all times. This article was corrected at the time the error was discovered.