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27th Dec 2016

Coronation Street viewers were blown away by this very moving and poignant scene

What a fitting moment

Nooruddean Choudry

If ever there was a perfect example of bittersweet serendipity, this was it.

Coronation Street has a habit of capturing the nation’s mood and conveying it in a very apt way. Indeed, part of the reason why the soap is so loved by so many is because it mirrors our lives and the prevailing times.

The poignancy is usually pre-planned and carefully scripted. The show is obviously written and recorded ahead of time, and therefore they aren’t able to react to breaking news with any level of immediacy.

But the Christmas special featured a seemingly innocuous scene that many find very moving in hindsight. That’s because it featured carol singing performing a very simple and stripped down acapella version of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’.

The fact that George Michael had sadly passed away on the same day was obviously a coincidence, but it didn’t stop many viewers making the connection and finding it very fitting indeed…