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22nd Feb 2018

Coronation Street viewers left stunned by Roy Cropper’s sudden exit

James Dawson

The character abruptly left the cobbles last night.

Coronation Street viewers were sad to find that Roy Cropper was putting on his anorak, picking up his carrier bag and walking the hell out of Manchester, after his mother had an off-screen accident during last night’s episode.

It’s unknown how long the character – who is played by David Neilson – will be gone for, but fans will be hoping that it’s only a short-term exit from the street.

The cafe owner has been a large part of Carla’s recent kidney operation storyline, providing with her emotional support.

“We could go for some grub at this country pub I know,” said Johnny to Roy last night. “The steak and kidney pie is a work of art and the views are terrific.”

But sadly meat pie was off the menu for Roy, owing to family issues.


“Today is a little complicated owing to a situation with my mother,” Roy replied.

“She believes she’s slipped a disc in her back.”

Adding: “She refuses to attend the examination unless I accompany her.

“If only it was that simply. Not only does she live in Hastings, I guarantee she’ll expect me to be there for at least a fortnight. I cannot be in two places at once.

“What if Carla is discharged before I am able to return?”

In response, Johnny assured him he would take good care of Carla, even adding that he would look after Roy’s allotment in the meantime.

Here’s how viewers took the news he was leaving: