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15th Oct 2017

Convicted murderer storms out of tense Piers Morgan interview

"Why don't you sit here like a man?"

Darragh Murphy

Piers Morgan is one of the more divisive figures in modern journalism but he’s never been one to shy away from tension.

The notion of sitting mere inches away from a convicted murderer would be enough to terrify most rational people but Morgan looked more than comfortable in a sneak peek at his upcoming episode of ITV series Crime & Punishment.

Morgan is one of several high-profile names who delved into the world of criminality for the series and, in his piece, he sat with convicted murderer Mark Riebe at Florida’s maximum security Blackwater Prison

Riebe, 56, is currently serving a life sentence after his 1998 conviction of the murder of Donna Callahan, 29, on August 6, 1989 but police are of the opinion that he has killed many more.

According to the ITV preview of the episode, Riebe confessed to the abduction and murder of 13 women but subsequently withdrew his confession and it was when Morgan pressed the inmate on this issue that Riebe had decided he’d had enough.

“The serial killer subject of this programme is the single most dangerous person I have ever encountered – a man who ruthlessly preyed on dozens of young women, killing as many as 13,” Morgan said of Riebe.

“He ended our interview by ripping off his microphone and storming off as I confronted him about the full scale of his barbaric murder spree.

“In that moment, viewers will see him for what he is: an apparently normal, mild-mannered and slightly built human being capable of sudden furious rage. It is both a riveting encounter and a shocking insight into the warped, twisted mind of a serial killer.”


Piers Morgan