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18th Jun 2017

Conor McGregor’s reported post-Mayweather plans should let fight fans breathe a sigh of relief

Looks like money isn't the only thing on McGregor's mind

Ben Kiely

Fight fans will no doubt be relieved after hearing Andre Berto’s comments about Conor McGregor.

Berto fought Floyd Mayweather in 2015 and as often happens, he was made to look very ordinary as ‘Money’ took home a lopsided decision. So who better to ask about Conor McGregor’s attempt to do what no boxer’s done before?

The 33-year-old barely laid a glove on Mayweather in the bout, and as he told Fight Hub TV, if McGregor manages to get a good shot in on the undefeated prizefighter, all bets are off.

“All of us tried to catch him. We couldn’t catch him. We’ll see if McGregor can make it happen, but it’s the boxing game and anything can happen. If Conor can land a crazy shot, and if he does that, he’s the president of the world! Nobody is going to tell him shit. Nothing.”

He’s not wrong. There are 49 individual pieces of evidence to suggest that Mayweather is unbeatable in professional boxing, so if McGregor lands flush with that patented Celtic Cross, the doubters will surely be silenced once and for all.

This will undoubtedly be the biggest payday of McGregor’s career. Although a confidentiality agreement between all parties means we won’t find out exactly how much anyone makes, we’re talking seriously fat stacks here.

Such a ludicrous payday has fans worrying that McGregor wouldn’t bother returning to the Octagon for what would almost certainly be a pay cut. However, Berto’s been talking to him and he seems to think an MMA return is on the cards.

“I talked to him the other day. He’s focused and ready to try to do what he does. Regardless, he is in a no-lose situation. He’s going to make $100 million and everyone expects him to lose anyway. Then he’s going to leave and go right back to MMA and take that shit over and be a bigger star than he was before.”

Does that mean we’re finally going to see McGregor defend a belt? Actually, who cares? We just want to see him fight in his own discipline again.