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Conor McGregor has risked making the whole Rita Ora drama even worse
Not the best of ideas

This probably hasn't helped...

Earlier this week Rita Ora was on the receiving end of a lot of criticism after she posted a few pictures of herself and Conor McGregor at the London Fashion Awards captioning them, 'Date Night'.

Conor's partner Dee Devlin wasn't at the awards which was the cause of the anger directed towards Rita. People called her out for being 'disrespectful'.

Most men and women caught up in drama such as this would just let the media attention and stories die down. But, as pointed out by a report in the Daily Mail, this isn't the case with Conor.

He made light of the situation and has made it even worse.

The report claims he was making a club appearance at Cirque Le Soir in London when he apparently grabbed a microphone and yelled, "Shout out to Rita Ora". The crowd cheered and he laughed as he did it.


He couldn't just leave things be.

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