Comedian learns Prince Philip died while mocking him onstage 3 weeks ago

Comedian learns Prince Philip died while mocking him onstage

The Comic was shocked to find out about the late Royal's death on stage

An Australian Comedian found out about the death of Prince Philip live on stage while he was telling a distasteful joke about the Royal.


The Comedian Lewis Spears is said to be infamous for his "confident, dark and dangerous material", according to the Australian comic's website.

During a show at a club in Melbourne, Spears made a joke that Prince Philip was "3,000 years old", before an audience member shouted out: "He died tonight!"

Spears appeared shocked on stage, before exclaiming: "What?"

One audience member was heard shouting "Too soon!"

Spears then read aloud the official statement released by Buckingham Palace confirming the death of the late Royal, after a crowd member handed him their mobile phone.


"Can I just say, it's been overdue," the Comedian joked insensitively.

He continued: "Are we sure he died today?

"I reckon he died ten years ago and they wheel him out attached to strings at special events."

The Comic has over 570,000 suscribers on his YouTube channel and the clip of his show in Melbourne has been viewed more than 700,000 times.

One user wrote: "Lewis roasted him so hard that he died of embarrassment before the joke was even told."


Prince Philip's ceremonial Royal funeral is set to take place on Saturday at St George's Chapel in Windsor, it has been revealed.