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26th Apr 2018

Cinema screens terrifying horror trailer before Peter Rabbit

That's the problem with children going to see dark psychological films like Peter Rabbit

Kyle Picknell

Was it really that crazy screening a dark psychological film like Peter Rabbit after a horror trailer?

Apparently it was. Apparently Peter Rabbit’s audience weren’t best pleased having to sit through the trailer for Hereditary, one of the most unsettling films in recent memory.

It’s been dubbed this generation’s Exorcist and the trailer features a girl beheading a pigeon with a pair of scissors as well as a man on fire, not exactly ideal viewing for families and young children settling down to enjoy a mischievous bunny and his cute woodland pals frolicking about.

The unfortunate mishap occurred in Perth, Wester Australia, as reported by WA Today. A woman named Jane (she did not want go give her full name) described the events as follows:

“It was dreadful. Very quickly you could tell this was not a kid’s film. Parents were yelling at the projectionist to stop, covering their kids’ eyes and ears,” she said.

“A few went out to get a staff member but she was overwhelmed and didn’t really know what to do. Some parents fled the cinema with their kids in tow.”

“Eventually a senior staff member came in with a walkie talkie and he shut the screen off. To his credit he apologised and offered us complimentary movie passes to make up for it, she explained.

The feature then went ahead as planned, (presumably) over the ongoing noise of the crying, scared shitless children.

Jane did explain that the staff member offered everyone in the audience free cinema tickets, but on her way home she soon realised the freebies expired that day – rather than a month later as she had been told.

It was, clearly, a dark, dark day for animated rabbits, for cinema, and for Beatrix Potter. Let us hope and pray it never happens again.

(Although it is quite funny)