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25th Dec 2016

Viewers were loving the filthy innuendo on Christmas Day Bake Off

It all got a bit unsavoury

Nooruddean Choudry

There’s plenty of things we’ll miss about GBBO when it leaves the BBC.

The series may be moving over to Channel 4, but it won’t ever be the same. Mary Berry is packing it in. Sue and Mel won’t be switching channels. In fact only Paul Hollywood will feature in the reboot.

But one underrated aspect we’ll probably miss the most is the accidental-but-not-really-accidental innuendo. For such a respectable, PG-rated show, there’s a healthy smattering of thinly-veiled filth in every episode.

The Christmas day episode was no different, with viewers revelling in the double entendres whilst they still can. Suffice to say, they weren’t left disappointed…

But the true skill in mucky asides is making even the most innocent and innocuous conversations sound X-rated. Enter Mel Giedroyc (no not like that) to somehow make a conversation about chocolate choux wreaths sound filthy.

Ali from series 4 was taking on Mary-Ann (series 2), Cathryn (Series 3) and Norman (Series 5), and they were all arranging their choux buns (ahem) into a pretty circle. Except Ali’s eyes kept wandering.

“Stop looking at Norman’s wreath!” exclaimed Mel to the flustered contestant. Before you know it Ali was coveting Mary-Ann’s wreath too and it all got a little unsavoury…