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06th Mar 2018

Chris Evans now has a moustache and looks exactly like Barry Chuckle

James Dawson

It’s not just the moustache, he has the hair as well. Amazing.

Let’s be honest here, they might have entertained us as kids, but when it comes to people in showbiz you’d like to emulate the look of, the Chuckle Brothers are pretty far down the list.

I mean just look at them. They’re a children’s comedy act. The whole point is that they look a bit ridiculous. If you didn’t know them as the lovable duo they are you wouldn’t trust them as far as you can throw them.

Apparently, though, the actor (not to be confused with the ginger TV presenter) Chris Evans, has different ideas to most of us about what’s chic and what’s not.

He recently trimmed his beard into a moustache, and with his hair gelled back and sunglasses further obscuring the other features on his face, he looks like he should be on-screen saying “to me, to you”, rather than playing Captain America.

Check the pic out here:


Naturally, people have been taking the piss out of him for the new look.