Chaser called 'creepy' over Carol Vorderman comments 5 months ago

Chaser called 'creepy' over Carol Vorderman comments

One Twitter user said 'reading this made me want to claw my own skin off'

A Chaser was branded as "creepy" over his comments about Carol Vorderman, who recently appeared on a celebrity version of The Chase.


Most known for her time on Countdown, Vorderman appeared on The Chase on Tuesday against Chasers Anne Hegarty, Jenny Ryan, Shaun Wallace, Darragh Ennis, and Mark Labbett. While many fans applauded the 61-year-olds effort, others were concerned about comments made by Labbett.

Known as "The Beast" on the show, Labbett tweeted: "I don't know what is more impressive about @carolvorders, her intellect or her more tangible assets #superstar #BeatTheChasers."


Many fans agreed with the comment, with Vorderman even replying "you beast you" alongside some emojis.

However not everyone was content, with one Twitter use replying "Bit creepy!"

Another commented, "reading this made me want to claw my own skin off."


Shortly after the fallout, The Beast tweeted Vorderman to say sorry, to which she replied, "I forgive you, my Beast bud....but don't do it again".

While the comments out of context are undeniably creepy, Vorderman herself cleared the air on Twitter.


Sharing an article slamming The Beast from The Sun, the TV personality wrote: "Well the Beast and I are having a bit of a laugh over this as he is a good buddy of mine and we always take the mick out of each other.... all hail the Beast @MarkLabbett and thank you Bradders and the gang for such a great show."

Fans commended the Countdown host, stating that "People need to lighten up man !! Lol good on you Carol".

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