The Chase contestant gets a question wrong about her own job 3 years ago

The Chase contestant gets a question wrong about her own job

Oh dear.

There's no doubting the enduring popularity of The Chase with viewers, and it has become a staple of daytime television.


Bradley Walsh has earned a soft spot in many people's hearts, mostly for his inability to take some questions seriously.

It's a high pressure situation on the show when the questions are being thrown at you, the sound effects are loud and you're under duress from the Chaser to answer the question quickly.


It certainly seemed to affect police dispatcher Delwen this week on The Chase, to the extent that she actually got a question wrong about her own job, which in fairness, could happen to any of us on any given day.

Delwen was asked: "What is the highest badge of rank in the Metropolitan Police? Chief Superintendent, Commissioner or Commander."

As someone who works in the police force, we imagine she would have been expected to nail this question.


However, as it turns out, Delwen wasn't as up on her police knowledge as she probably should be, or else the occasion just got to her, as it does to many.

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We bet it was awkward in work the next day...