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01st Jun 2016

Charlotte Crosby quits ‘Geordie Shore’ in Twitter rant about Gaz Beadle

She's done. Officially. Maybe.

Megan Roantree

Never a dull moment.

The cast of Geordie Shore have shared everything (and I mean everything) with their viewers for the past five years.

One of the most talked-about parts of the show has been Gaz and Charlotte’s turbulent relationship.

Charlotte recently shared that she suffered from an ectopic pregnancy while Gaz was filming Ex On The Beach – and it now seems she is finally done with Gaz, as well as the show.

She is arguably the biggest star of the show, with Holly and Gaz being the only two other cast members who have been there since the beginning.

Charlotte shared a series of angry tweets about leaving the show due to Gaz’s cheating.

The tweets were written following a tweet from Gaz featuring his new column in which he spoke about Charlotte.

Since her rant, Gaz has sent a series of tweets in reply to his ex-girlfriend.

Can’t these two sort it out in private?


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