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30th May 2018

Charlie Sheen wants Two and a Half Men to return with him starring in it


Paul Moore


Men, men, men, tiger blood, men, men, men, winning, men, men, men, I’m on a drug called Charlie Sheen, men, men, men, Ambien is the devil’s aspirin, men, men, men, I was banging 7 gram rocks of drugs, men, men, men, winning. Men!

Granted, they’re not the exact words from the theme song of Charlie Sheen’s incredibly popular sitcom, Two and a Half Men, but after the actor was fired from the show in 2011, his highly publicised behaviour was clear for the world to see.

At the time of his dismissal, the star of Platoon and Wall Street was the highest paid actor on US television and despite the fact he no longer starred in the show, Two and a Half Men continued for four more years with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role.

Since then, Sheen has publicly revealed that he’s HIV positive and he has also starred in Anger Management, Machete Kills, Scary Movie 5 and many more.

This being said, there’s still plenty of love for Two and a Half Men because when the show was good, Sheen was usually on top form. In fact, the actor received three Emmy Award nominations and two Golden Globe award nominations for his performance in the comedy.

Following the controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr and ABC’s decision to cancel the show, Sheen took to Twitter to call for a reboot of Two and a Half Men and it appears that Jon cryer (Alan Harper) is listening.

Truth be told, given how spectacular the falling out was between Sheen, Chuck Lorre (creator of the show), and the studio, we don’t see this reboot happening any time soon but as always with Hollywood, money talks.