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20th Jul 2017

Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg, together at last, in a movie about 9/11

The trailer looks... interesting

Rory Cashin

There were several reasons why this whole thing made our stomach drop, right from the get-go.

One was the title. A movie about 9/11, called 9/11. A little too … on the nose, you might say.

Secondly, that cast. Whoopi Goldberg has won an Oscar, but the last time anyone related her with a serious drama was ….. *shrugs*

She’s joined by Luis Guzman, Gina “Remember me from Showgirls?” Gershon, and Charlie Sheen.

Charlie “It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airlines and hitting 75 percent of their targets — that feels like a conspiracy theory” Sheen, as he once said in an interview.

Thirdly, there was this poster, which if it weren’t for the title and the World Trade Centre, you’d think was about a couple who have their marriage repaired by a kind old-lady ghost.

Fourthly, it comes from the director of National Lampoon’s Cattle Call (no, us neither), which was a “comedy” about a guy who starts a fake casting agency to find the girl of his dreams. And it’s called Cattle Call. Hmmm.

Fifthly, the movie will be released on 8 September, which just screams of “Go see this on opening weekend because it will be the anniversary!”

But, maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that despite all of that, we could be wrong, and the movie would be a subtle, emotionally powerful drama about a horrific event.

And then the trailer was released…

Clip via 株式会社シンカ

First of all, no, we don’t know why it arrived in Japanese, but you can still make out the plot regardless.

Five people find themselves essentially in a real-life Towering Inferno situation, all on the lift, including newly broken-up Sheen and Gershon, and Goldberg on the mic to keep us updated on how terrible things are.

What was your favourite part of the trailer? Ours has to be the bit where Gershon has gotten out of the lift (goodbye, tension!), and Sheen gives her back the wedding ring, to prove that all they needed to get back together and prove their love for each other was for planes to crash into the building.

We don’t want to say that this is the most exploitative thing we’ve ever seen… with some of the worst production design, and acting, and dialogue, and directing… we don’t want to say that, but you’ve kinda got us backed into a corner here, Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg 9/11 movie.


Charlie Sheen