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12th Apr 2017

Charlie Murphy, star of Chappelle’s Show and brother of Eddie Murphy, passes away from leukemia

Paul Moore

His comedy skits about Rick James and Prince are truly iconic.

Comedian Charlie Murphy, star of the Chappelle Show and older brother of Eddie Murphy, has died at the age of 57.

Murphy’s publicist Domenick Nati  confirmed that Murphy passed away after a lengthy battle with leukemia.

As many of you will know, Murphy became famous thanks to his hilarious skits on Dave Chappelle’s show on Comedy Central in which he parodies celebrity culture at the height of his brother’s fame in the 1980s.

Truth be told, his skits about Rick James and Prince are some of the finest sketch comedy that you’ll ever see.

Clip via – Comedy Central UK

Murphy also appeared in various other movies, TV shows and video games.

Following this sad news, plenty of people were quick to pay their respects to a man that gave them plenty of laughs. RIP.