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19th Apr 2018

Channel 4’s disturbing new show True Horror has warning issued for viewers

James Dawson

It’s ‘the most terrifying show on TV’.

Choo, choo, guys, the Thursday night-in hype train just pulled into the station and, you better believe, it’s got Channel 4’s new show True Horror on board.

The first episode airs tonight and will follow different people who have had encounters with ghosts.

The show is so frightening that a message of “scenes of paranormal activity may disturb viewers” to give viewers the option to switch off.

If you’re wondering how it all kicks off, well, tonight’s episode will follow Liz and Bill, who move to a quiet farmhouse in the Welsh hills, only to quickly discover the place is haunted.

Once they arrived there animals start began dying and they started seeing objects moving around. Weird, aye?

The show will feature a mix of real life interviews and dramatisations, making the entire thing feel more like a horror film than any similar TV shows that have come before.

True Horror begins tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm.