Celebrity couple strike up romance in Big Brother house 1 year ago

Celebrity couple strike up romance in Big Brother house

What would Celebrity Big Brother be without a romance?

A new relationship has developed in nearly every series of the show, even if some of the celebrities have partners on the outside. We've heard of the Strictly Curse, but there is definitely a CBB curse.

Thankfully this time around, the first romance to begin is between two singletons, reality star Ashley James and US rapper Ginuwine. Ginuwine has a bit of a reputation with the ladies, so housemates had warned Ashley about him, but she was paying no heed.

The pair have been flirting non-stop with viewers picking up on their romance, and then last night they sealed the deal with a kiss.

Trying to keep it as private as possible, even though that sort of contradicts the whole show, they went to bed in the boy's room and kissed under the covers.

Big Brother

But, Big Brother has ways around this. While the camera was fixed on the bed, their microphones were turned up and all the viewers could hear was kissing. Slightly weird viewing, but what more could you expect?

Big Brother

So there we have it, the first official romance from CBB 2018.

What a time to be alive.