Celebrity Big Brother is to be extended by an extra month 3 years ago

Celebrity Big Brother is to be extended by an extra month

The show is going to play out until the end of February.

When it comes to reality TV, as much as we all berate it and complain about it, we still can't stop ourselves from watching it.

For weeks now we've witnessed Bianca Gascoigne, Jedward, Heidi and Spencer, Jamie O'Hara and more 'celebs' make absolute arses of themselves on the telly but the brilliant news is, there's a lot more to come.

We've seen plenty of arguing and shouting, shock evictions, fix claims and naked shenanigans which has clearly only sent ratings for Channel 5 through the roof.

Previously, the final of the show was said to be scheduled for the 3rd of February but according to The Sun, the makers of the show are going to try push it out as long as possible.

An insider close to the show said since the explosive departure of Kim Woodburn, there's no signs of the show slowing down.

"The All-Star format has done brilliantly this year, with so many different personalities bringing so much drama.

"The ratings have almost doubled since Kim walked through the doors and caused chaos in the house.

"Viewers are hungry for more action, so bosses are potentially going to push the final back until 24th February."

While many of the housemates seem absolutely fed up and missing their loved ones at home, of course the promise of extra money or camera time could prove very lucrative.

The insider said that should the date of the final be postponed, the housemates will have a choice of staying or going home.

"Everyone has a contract which includes the option to extend their stay, however if they do not wish to continue after 3rd February, then they will be free to leave."