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29th Jul 2018

Celebrity Big Brother set to be cancelled by Channel 5

All bad things must come to an end

Kyle Picknell

Oh. Oh no

After seven long years on Channel 5 the reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother looks set to binned by like a mould banana and apparently the reason is NOT that they have run out of pseudo-celebrities to appear on the show.

According to the Daily Star on Sunday, this summer’s series will be the very last to air. Join me. Pretend to wipe a tear from your eye.

A source said: “After months of discussions, it has been decided to axe Celebrity Big Brother. Ratings have dropped for the past few series so it isn’t worth the hefty price tag.”

The decision has been made due to a steady drop in its audience for some time, and the winter series in December had the least watched final ever for the show with only 1.6 million viewers tuning in.

On top of this, the series in the summer had only an average rating of only 1.2 million.

It now means that Channel 5 will not be renewing its contract with producers Endemol.

Fortunately for Celebrity Big Brother fans, if there is any, and I don’t know that there is, it does mean the format could get picked up by another channel and reappear on our screens somewhere down the line.

Channel 5 boss Ben Frow has admitted he would like to move on from the show, saying: “I want to create our own programmes. I don’t want other people’s programmes.”

The new (and final, fingers crossed) series will air next month, and whilst the lineup has yet to be revealed, a number of exciting names have been rumoured.

Exciting names like: The Chuckle Brothers, Meghan Markle’s half-sister, a former member of S Club 7, some other people you have never, ever cared about and last but not least, Noel Edmonds.

Sorry. That comment was disrespectful to The Chuckle Brothers. I take it back. Sorry.