Casey Affleck has broken his silence on the sexual assault allegations 5 years ago

Casey Affleck has broken his silence on the sexual assault allegations

Having just won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Manchester By The Sea, Casey Affleck has been under constant scrutiny over the past few months.

As you may have read, two separate sexual assault lawsuits that were made against the actor have recently been discussed in the public domain, and with both of the cases being settled out of the court, part of the agreement of the settlement dictated that neither side of the lawsuit would be able to discuss the outcome or details of the lawsuits.


The reactions of various different people to Affleck's Oscar win has been mixed. Brie Larson didn't applaud his Oscar success (despite being the one to announce him the winner) while fellow Boston actor B. J. Novak was slightly more blunt about it.


Speaking to the Boston Globe after his win, the topic came up in conversation, and Affleck commented on the matter in a manner that he saw fit considering the legal ramifications of properly discussing it.

“I believe that any kind of mistreatment of anyone for any reason is unacceptable and abhorrent, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect in the workplace and anywhere else. There’s really nothing I can do about it. Other than live my life the way I know I live it and to speak to what my own values are and how I try to live by them all the time.”