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21st Apr 2016

Calling in sick to places you don’t work is the internet’s new favourite pastime

"Yeah, so, um, I'm not gonna make it today..."

Jordan Gold

“I’m sorry I can’t come in today, I’m going fishing.”

The internet loves a good prank format.

Someone makes a successful video, someone else copies it, and so on and so on –indefinitely. If you nail a good prank it will hardly ever gets old, too.

So, here’s the latest one people are sharing on YouTube and Periscope.

Introducing… “calling in sick to places you don’t work at”.

One particular YouTube user trading under the moniker of CanadianChestHair went viral this week with a video amassing more than a million views in just four days.

There’s you new prank format folks. Go forth and annoy HR departments.

Will you be pulling the infamous ‘sickie’ prank?


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