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28th Feb 2018

Netflix film about being stuck inside all day is perfect for riding out Storm Emma

Perfect viewing if you have cabin fever

Jade Hayden

A red alert has been issued, so watch this instead.

Being stuck indoors is only fun when you’re stuck indoors with a load of things to do and absolutely no chance that you’re going to bore yourself to death.

What better way to spend the evening than by watching a film all about people being stuck inside for an extended period of time? Ideal.

10 Cloverfield Lane was added to Netflix just last week and it’s a genuinely brilliant film.

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman, the movie spends most of its time in an underground bunker where its protagonists are hanging out for reasons that become known, unknown, confused, and eventually revealed at the end of the film in the most shocking twist since Saw.

It’s tense, it’s entertaining, and there’s some superb acting from Winstead as she struggles to figure out why she’s locked up in this place while also pretending to be super chill.

The real standout of the film though has to be Goodman’s performance.

He’s an absolute creep but he’s a creep that you can still somehow empathise with.

And he’s got some moments that’ll genuinely make you want to laugh out loud too – partly because they’re funny, partly because of how uncomfortable you’re going to be watching them.

Don’t let the extremely poor reviews for The Cloverfield Paradox put you off watching this film either. Unlike the latest instalment in the series, 10 Cloverfield Lane is actually a great movie.

It may have been dodgily lumped into the Cloverfield universe via an ending that some deem a little bit questionable, but up until the last 20 minutes, almost everyone seems to be in agreeance that it’s a really, really good watch.

10 Cloverfield Lane is streaming on Netflix now.