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26th Jun 2019

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul release mysterious possible tease for the Breaking Bad movie

Wil Jones

The film will premiere on Netflix

Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have shared a cryptic image, which we *think* is a tease for the upcoming Breaking Bad movie.

Look, we should say straight up, we have no idea if it is actually for the Breaking Bad film. All we know is that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have both tweeted the same image – an arty sepia shot of two donkeys – with the caption “Soon”. And there is a Breaking Bad sequel movie on the way, so it would make sense this is what it is about, right?

Now let’s just wait until it turns out that they are actually both voicing a Dreamworks animation about two wise-cracking mules that have adventures in New Mexico and rap along to ‘Old Town Road’.

The as-yet-untitled Breaking Bad film was confirmed in February 2019, and is set to follow-on from the end of the series. Aaron Paul will reprise the role of Jesse Pinkman, and Bryan Cranston has said that he’d like to appear as well, though the, er, events of the final episode of the show might make that tricky. Creator Vince Gilligan is writing and directing, and filming is taking place in New Mexico.

The movie will premiere on Netflix, and then be shown on AMC, the show’s original broadcaster.

Breaking Bad concluded in 2013 after five seasons, but the prequel show Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk as sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, is still currently in its fourth season.