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23rd Nov 2018

The Young Offenders is getting a Christmas special and it looks great

Paul Moore

A perfect Christmas present.

If you think that Conor and Jock won’t be around to make your Christmas better/much worse with their lovable blaggard ways, there’s no need to fear because the BBC have confirmed that a Christmas special of The Young Offenders will be airing very soon.

Of course, the Season One DVD is the perfect stocking filler for anyone that wants to catch up on the adventures of Cork’s biggest langers, but much like a random inspection from Sergeant Healy, this news about a Christmas special came right out of the blue.

In Season One of Peter Foott’s award-winning comedy, we last saw Siobhan, Linda, Conor, Jock, Sergeant Healy, and Mairead after they managed to escape from the world’s strangest hostage situation.

To be fair, at least Billy Murphy did get a heap of pizzas in and he orchestrated one of the greatest singalongs in Irish TV history!

As for the Christmas special, here’s what the plot’s going to be about: “It’s Christmas week, and the residents of the estate where Conor (Alex Murphy), Jock (Chris Walley) and Mairead (Hilary Rose) live have been fighting off an eviction from the council for over a month. The situation has been getting national media coverage and everyone involved is on edge, including the police.

“While all this is happening, Mairead has been sick for weeks and has to be taken to hospital – a place Conor and Jock hate. Not knowing how to help, the lads ask Mairead if there’s anything they can get her. Mairead says she’s never seen a white Christmas, so the two friends set off on a chaotic adventure to try make her wish come true.”

It will be shown on 14 December on the BBC.

Here’s the first image of The Young Offenders Christmas special and plenty of you will be very familiar with the location.

Still though, no sign of that giant tuna that the lads previously caught!