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18th Jul 2018

The Breaking Bad reunion between Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul is bloody brilliant

Paul Moore

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad fans will love this.

Ever since the very first episode of Breaking Bad, we knew that there wasn’t something right about Walter White. After all, we were introduced to the man while he’s standing out in the desert without any trousers on.

It’s fitting then that after five incredible seasons of Vince Gilligan’s show, we pretty much left Walter as we found him – desperate, alone and with nobody to turn to.

Then again, he also had more money than god and a meth empire that consumed his very soul, but his journey all started from that RV.

Since Breaking Bad ended, it’s clear that Bryan Cranston (Walter) and Aaron Paul (Jesse) continue to be close friends because we’ve frequently seen them acting the maggot, taking the piss out of each other and having a laugh.

With news that Vince Gilligan “desperately” wants to reunite the pair in Better Call Saul, it’s feeling like a Breaking Bad reunion is actually going to happen.

On that note, the timing is perfect because Bryan Cranston is broke, living in the RV and desperate to relive his former glories.

Ok, that’s not exactly true but Cranston is such a champ of a man that he’s happy to laugh at himself in this brilliant promo video for the charity Omaze.

To celebrate Breaking Bad’s 10th Anniversary, the two lads are inviting you to cook breakfast, not meth, with them in the original RV – all in the name of charity.

FYI, the image of Bryan Cranston eating chicken while shitting into a bucket will never leave your head. What a man!

All the relevant details are here and after seeing Walt and Jesse back at, you’ll desperately want to be the one who knocks on the door of the RV.