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20th May 2019

Bran’s response to Game of Thrones finale moment creates more questions than it answers

Wayne Farry

game of thrones

Bran’s response suggested he knew what would happen all along

Customary warning to all fans of Game of Thrones that there will be an absolute tonne of spoilers here.

game of thrones finale

When Bran Stark was offered the role of king of the six kingdoms – with the independent North not included – there was surprise from those in attendance in King’s Landing.

All of the lords, ladies and important people in attendance appeared shocked at Tyrion’s suggestion that Bran is even suitable for the role, with his sister Sansa saying that not only does he not want to rule, but also that he cannot have children.

That infertility is seen as a plus by Tyrion, who says that kings and queens should not have their titles handed down to them, rather that they should be voted in by a council.

Bran however shows no such misgivings about taking the role on and indeed when he’s asked if he wants to be king replies: “Why do you think I came all this way?”

That response has understandably left viewers assuming one thing: Bran knew he would be offered this title.

While this might seem normal for a Greenseer – people who possess the magical ability to perceive future, past or distant events – to know this, it begs the question of what else he knew.

It’s a cracking quality for any powerful person to have, it does provoke questions about his intentions, especially if he knew what would happen all along.