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14th Oct 2017

Bradley Walsh refused to accept answer and fans of The Chase were baffled

Well that seemed very harsh

Alan Loughnane

Oh Bradley…

If you’re fan of some quiz shows to pass your evening, the chances are you’ve tuned into The Chase at some stage.

Presented by Bradley Walsh, the hugely popular ITV quiz programme has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and created some cult stars in the form of The Beast, Mark Labbett.

But there was an episode this week which had some viewers scratching their heads.

Graphic designer Dean was asked by Bradley: “Wet Wet Wet did a cover of what song for Four Weddings And A Funeral ?”

He answered, “Love Is All Around Me.”

We all know that tune, you’ll probably be humming it for the rest of the day.

But surprisingly, Bradley wasn’t willing to accept that answer, as it wasn’t accurate enough for the presenter.

He responded that the correct answer is: “Love Is All Around.”

Viewers were shocked as in their experience, Bradley is on the contestants’ side and is often the star of the show with his quips to silence the chasers.

To add insult to poor Dean, Bradley accepted the answer from one of the other contestants which was much further from the mark than him.

His teammate Rebecca was asked; “A melchizedek is a huge bottle containing 40 standard bottles of what drink?”

She incorrectly answered “wine”, but Bradley was feeling generous at that moment and said: “Champagne, but I’ll give you wine.”


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