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05th May 2017

Lots of people are saying the same thing about Brad Pitt’s photoshoot

It's the Brad Pitt versus Harry Styles confrontation we've all been waiting for

Laura Holland

Some are pretty similar alright.

Harry Styles’ fans are all convinced that Brad Pitt copied his recent photo shoot for GQ Magazine.

Brad appeared on GQ Style, where he did his first photo shoot since his split with Angelina Jolie. The style of his photos, pardon the pun, has caught the attention of Harry’s fans.

Let’s just look at how some of their shots were laid out for the interviews. Three portraits side by side.

Images via GQ Style
Images via Another Mag

Three images lined up together on both sites does look a bit suspicious, but most people would just think they’re three portraits and that’s it.

However, there are other photos that the Harry fans have pointed out are very like the rest of Harry’s photos, particularly the teary eyed photo and the one with the sleeveless green sweater.

Harry’s fans are all convinced that Brad went out of his way to copy the singer.

They’ve been sharing their theory on social media: