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13th Jul 2017

Frankie Boyle perfectly sums up why everyone will watch McGregor vs Mayweather

Absolutely spot on

Darragh Culhane

Conor McGregor is a funny man but so too is Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle.

Boyle is one of the most well known comedians in the United Kingdom and Ireland after his time on Mock the Week but he has also has amassed an incredibly strong following on Twitter with over two and a half million people.

Given the fact that Conor McGregor is switching sports and taking on one of the greatest boxers alive, it’s fair to say that Mayweather is a resounding favourite.

Well, Boyle took to Twitter to share his views on the highly anticipated fight and he perfectly summed up how ridiculous the whole thing is.

If you want to know why everyone will be tuned in on 26 August, this is a pretty good explanation.