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09th Jul 2018

We think we know who the new boys going into the Love Island villa tonight are…


Jade Hayden


Right, so there’s two new boys heading into the Love Island villa tonight and we’re all very excited about it and all that.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to who these two new fellas will be, but we think we might have just figured out who the lucky lads are.

Today, foreign secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit secretary David Davis announced their resignations.

This came after prime minister Theresa May won an agreement, to maintain close ties with the EU, from senior ministers on a Brexit strategy that Davis did not agree with.

Following, this, foreign secretary Johnson announced his own resignation.

While Johnson’s and Davis’s departures have clearly come from a place of disagreement within their party, it’s also looking fairly suspicious on their parts considering the timing.

Quitting right before two new boys are set to enter the Love Island villa? Giving them just enough time to hop a plane to Majorca and get their speedos on for that iconic slow-mo entry shot?

Bit coincidental, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.