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30th Jun 2018

Two of the best thrillers of the decade are showing back-to-back on TV tonight

Well worth a watch

Rory Cashin

We really can’t recommend these two enough.

Writer and director Jeremy Saulnier is quite possibly the best movie-maker you’ve never heard of. He’s only made three movies to date so far, and two of them are legitimately two of the best thrillers of the 21st century so far.

Other people have clearly spotted his talented, as he’s been scooped up to direct some of the episodes of the upcoming third season of True Detective, plus his next movie – Hold The Dark – has a brilliant cast attached, and looks like it will end up being one of the highlights of the cinematic year.

Film 4 are showing them both of his modern classics back-to-back tonight, so we fully recommend you check them out, or set your DVR to record and check them out at a later date, because they are properly amazing. Here’s all the deets on them both:


When/Where’s it on? Film 4 at 10.45pm

Who’s in it? Alton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart, Alia Shawkat.

Critic’s scores? Rotten Tomatoes – 90%, Metacritic – 79%

Why is it so great? Patrick Stewart, the guy we loved as Captain Picard and Professor X, makes for a truly terrifying white-power group leader who orders his minions to kill a group of punk rockers who witnessed a murder in neo-nazi bar. It is a shockingly violent and unendingly tense film about innocent people trying to escape a horrifying situation, and knowing that not all of them are going to make it out alive.

Clip via Movieclips Trailers


When/Where’s it on? Film 4 at 12.35am

Who’s in it? Macon Blair, Devin Ratray (Buzz from Home Alone!), Amy Hargreaves.

Critic’s scores? Rotten Tomatoes – 96%, Metacritic – 77%

Why is it so great? Saulnier directed this one before Green Room, so he’s working with a smaller budget and a far less famous cast, but his abilities to create and maintain an incredible atmosphere are here from the first frame, telling the story of a man who finds out the murderer who killed his family has been released from prison early, and decides to get revenge, even if it means being forced to take out an entire gang of killers.

Clip via RADiUS